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Alpha Worldwide Introduces 2 New Divisions to Aid Businesses Facing Challenges Since Covid: SCM and Selling a Business

Alpha WorldWide announces successful restructuring and expanding services, from SCM to reviewing exit strategies and providing guidance on selling a business.

A group of wooden cubes spelling 'Selling a Business” as a concept applicable to both potential business buyers and sellers.
Selling a business: A strategic move to secure your future, and that of your employees, through business continuity planning.

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2023 — Alan McBrearty, President of AlliedFHS Inc., is excited to announce the successful restructuring of their subsidiary, Alpha WorldWide, LLC, a respected business advisory firm based in Pompano Beach, Florida. With over 15 years of experience, Alpha WorldWide has provided comprehensive End-to-End Business Continuity and Growth Advisory Support Services, from reviewing exit strategies to providing expert guidance on effectively selling a business.

“We aim to empower businesses of all industries

  and sizes, equipping them with the necessarySCM tools and other business competitive strategies to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable growth.”

— Alan McBrearty

Since its establishment in 2007, Alpha WorldWide has offered an invaluable lifeline for business continuity and growth, helping them in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, IT, Sales, etc. In response to the evolving needs of businesses and with the COVID pandemic presenting new challenges for their clients, Alpha WorldWide introduced two new entities, namely Alpha Sourcing, which addresses critical issues surrounding mission-critical Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics, and Aroosta Capital, designed to assist with all financial matters regarding exit strategies and selling a business. These divisions are strategic responses to the pressing challenges that have impacted businesses since 2020.

An illustration of exit planning strategies emphasizing key Business, Financial, Legal, and Tax issues in selling a business.
Making the right move: There are many things to consider when navigating exit planning and strategies for selling a company.

Alpha WorldWide has helped numerous organizations achieve their growth and operational goals through strategic planning and extensive industry knowledge. Specializing in what Mr. McBrearty calls the “Vital Industries Sectors” that include Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Transportation, along with the Skilled Industry and Technical Professionals that support them, the recent restructuring of Alpha WorldWide signifies a milestone for the company. This restructuring reaffirms their unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled advisory services.

The ongoing challenges that have resulted in a domino effect since COVID, such as Inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues, prompted Alpha WorldWide to reshape its approach to better serve its clientele. Previously tailored for clients selling a company with sales exceeding $5 million, it has made a transformative decision through the creation of its Aroosta Capital division. Alpha WorldWide is now extending its support to companies with sales as low as $1 million—a strategic move that recognizes that a diverse range of business owners can access their valuable knowledge and assistance.

A group of dice on a table that spells 'Supply Chain Management' on 3 horizontal lines and 3 red dice for SCM vertically.
SCM or Supply Chain Management: For many companies, it is the backbone of successful business continuity and competitiveness.

Alan McBrearty expressed his enthusiasm for the restructuring. “We are excited to introduce our enhanced suite of services achieved through this restructuring. We aim to empower businesses of all industries and sizes, equipping them with the necessary SCM tools and other business competitive strategies to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable growth. We are confident that our comprehensive End-to-End Business Continuity and Growth Advisory Support Services will play a vital role in driving success for our clients,” he affirmed.

To learn more about Alpha WorldWide and its new divisions, please visit their official websites at https://AlphaWorldWide.com/https://AlphaSourcing.com/, and https://AroostaCapital.com/.

About AlliedFHS Inc.: Founded in 2007, AlliedFHS Inc. is a leading provider of exceptional business solutions. With extensive industry experience and a dedicated team of professionals, AlliedFHS Inc., and its divisions offer a comprehensive range of services, including strategic planning, financial analysis, and operational optimization, all aimed at empowering organizations and driving their success.

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